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I recently had the chance to talk to the guys at Worship Online. In my opinion Worship Online is one of the best resources available for modern worship musicians. They break down instruments and vocals with easy to learn videos and charts. The point is this: what previously took me hours of work scripting out each part for modern worship songs takes very little time now with Worship Online, make sure you check them out. Here’s a little about them and what they do:


Tell us a little about how Worship Online Started?

Gladly! I can’t really talk about how worship Online started without at least touching on “why” it started. Which is something I am extremely passionate about and could talk about for days, but I’ll keep it short. We do what we do to change the status quo of how worship teams prepare and rehearse. We’re on a mission to change the culture and impact worship teams all over the world. When you impact the leaders (the band), that overflows to the masses (the congregation). As a result, more people experience Jesus. Even way back before Worship Online had it’s first chord chart, I knew this is what I was going to do. …I just had no idea how.

One day I got this crazy idea to actually create accurate guitar tutorials. Which doesn’t seem like a “crazy” idea, but is actually something that didn’t exist until Worship Online. It came to me as I was learning songs for a service I was playing the next day. I literally just thought to myself “man, it would be great to have a library of these songs that I could come back to each week.” And it hit me. That’s how I was going to impact worship teams all over the world.

This isn’t something that’s talked about a lot, but if it wasn’t for my “why,” driving me every day, I would have given up creating Worship Online before it ever launched. Whenever you try to do anything big, you’re going to be hit with tons of adversity and roadblocks. I worked 16 hour days for 9 months straight and went into some serious debt. I had to make a lot of sacrifices, and people told me I was crazy. None of that is worth it to anyone who’s “creating a guitar tutorial website.” But I wasn’t creating a guitar tutorial website, I knew I was changing the world. And to me, that’s worth it.

What sets Worship Online apart from other online tutorial sites?

I think number one and by far the biggest thing that just doesn’t exist anywhere else is that we aren’t geared towards beginners. We aren’t a beginner website whatsoever. We aren’t any skill level of a website. We just teach the songs exactly how the artists play them, with extreme accuracy. Worship Online is for those that are already on the front lines playing every single week.

We teach all of the guitar parts as well, because what good is it if you show up knowing the song really well and the other guy in the band doesn’t. We break down the electric guitar parts into 2 videos. Electric 1 and Electric 2. You can imagine the difference it makes when both guitar players show up and play in perfect sync. No more stressing, no one gets soloed over, and the band sounds amazing!

Another thing that sets us apart is our vocal tutorials we just launched actually. This is something no one has ever done before.

I will also mention that we don’t pay much attention to “competition.” This is a very intentional decision we made to stay innovative as opposed to just “following the competition.” I would say our vocal tutorials are one of the fruits from that decision.

What’s the heart behind Worship Online?

Serving. Everything we do is to serve worship teams and musicians. Before we set out to start anything new, we ask ourselves if it’s going to actually serve and make worship team’s lives easier. This also goes into the “why” we do what we do that I mentioned earlier. The “how” we do what we do will always change and evolve, but “why” we do it will never change. That’s why I always tell people (and is actually our social media bio), we’re empowering worship teams and musicians, we just so happen to make great tutorials. And I believe that sticking to that vision is actually what makes our tutorials the best. Because we’re not just making tutorials to make tutorials, we’re making them to impact and serve worship teams. Every single video/tutorial must do that one thing!

How will Worship Online help me fine tune my craft?

The best way to learn anything is to jump in head first. That’s why they say the best way to learn Spanish is to go to Mexico. If you consider yourself a beginner, nothing will speed up your learning curve faster than seeing and practicing doing it like it’s actually supposed to be done. This is exactly how I learned to play guitar. You’re going to develop a better ear, develop better habits, and have more fun actually playing songs you love.

If you’re more experienced, Worship Online is the perfect tool to take it to the next level. As someone who considered myself experienced, I can’t tell you how many sick riffs, parts, or creative effects I’ve picked up from learning these songs. Many times you’ve been playing a song a certain way and then you see how they are actually playing on the album and it’s so much cooler and sounds WAY better!

Not to mention we lay it all out for you. So you can learn these parts in minutes.

What are some cool features coming soon?

We just launched vocal tutorials like I mentioned earlier. We’ve also got some new features like new sorting abilities, favoriting songs, and tons more on the horizon! And we may or may not have just hired a full-time keyboard instructor…

How do I get started?

Go to WorshipOnline.com and try it completely free for 2 weeks! It’s that simple. I highly suggest a team plan so everyone shows up on the same page.

What should someone expect when they login for the first time?

Expect to have your mind blown and to be up all night watching videos! Lol The library and accuracy of the videos is something that I am super proud of, and we’re adding new songs and content every day!