Lowercase Noises (Andy Othling) Interview

I recently had the chance to sit down with @andyothling of @lowercasenoises to talk about his new Album entitled, “This is for our sins” which released today on bandcamp. As with all of Andy’s work you can expect to be held captive by the incredible musicianship, tones and overall flow of the album. Because I loved it so much I thought I’d share the wealth. I’m giving away 2 digital downloads of the album as well as an autographed vinyl of his migratory patterns EP. No sharing and tagging on this one (although you can if you want to). All you have to do is like the photo on our Instagram and go follow @lowercasenoises on any social platform. I’ll pick three winners at random and announce them in the instagram post tomorrow.

  • Tell us a little bit about how “Lowercase Noises” came to be:

    It started in college. It’s really the first name I came up with after recording a bit. It’s been about setting goals,  accomplish them and setting more goals. One thing I would say is that over the years things have changed a bit, no longer do I identify myself solely as a guitar player but more over I think I identify more with a composer. I love putting music together and watching the process.

  • Tell us a little bit about your writing process. Do you start with just “jamming ideas” or is it more thought out than that.

    Recording and song-writing are the same thing to me, since I’m just one person. So it usually just starts with a little riff and I’ll record over it, sometimes I end up keeping it in the final cut and sometimes I don’t. For this album specifically a lot of it really started with me sitting down at the piano, and just coming up with different chords and progressions.

  • What was the motivation behind “this is for our sin?.”

    It’s about the Lykov family. To me one of the most powerful moments in the story is the moment the geologists come and they are carefully approaching the Lykov family. Their story is pretty incredible.  It’s their belief that they are to be isolated from the world, and the reason people are now coming is because of their sins. It’s not really meant to have any religious meaning, it just happened to the most powerful part to me. The album’s storyline is split down the middle with the first half being life before the geologists come in and the second half being after, which correlates to the death of the 3 children.

    (To read more about this family visit the following link:) http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/for-40-years-this-russian-family-was-cut-off-from-all-human-contact-unaware-of-world-war-ii-7354256/

  • What inspired the design for the album cover / any symbolism in it?

    We went through a few iterations, but basically I just gave him the story and let him go. Really I just told the designer that I wanted a human aspect to it, that’s why the hands are there.

  • What track are you most proud of on the new album and why?

    There are a few different parts I’m most proud of. I really wanted the album to start off with acapella vocals, and I really wanted the last song to have no guitar and I was able to accomplish that. As for a specific song, I really like the way that track 10 turned out. There are 3 tracks dedicated to 3 of the family members that have died and it’s sort of an homage to them.

  • What piece(s) of gear inspire your writing process?

    Unfortunately for this question it’s not a pedal or a guitar answer. Right before I started the album I bought this mellotron plugin; there’s awesome cellos, flutes and even the St. Peters choir. It’s a very lo-fi and sounds amazing!

  • What did you learn from this recording process?

    There’s always something in every recording process. I feel like I always struggle with the low end. A lot of times it’s easy to increase the high end to create a sense of hype, until your ears are bleeding, but this process has been refining the low end and over all sound.

  • Will you be on the road anytime soon?

    I’ll be on the road pretty soon with Archabald. I love playing with those guys and I love the music. This will be our first major time hitting the road together so I’m excited to see what comes of it.