Neunaber Iconoclast Review

Here’s the reality, I had been looking for something like Iconoclast for a long time. So when I had a chance to play with it back at NAMM I jumped on it. The Iconoclast is a speaker emulator but it’s so much more than that.

It’s the size of a standard pedal that fits on your board and fully supports stereo. The controls are simple: standard low, mid and high EQ controls with a noise gate on the far right. It has a standard 9v power connection with a negative center pin so you can use your main power supply on your board with no problems!

Here’s what is different about this one. The low control functions like a cab selector going anywhere from a 1×12 open back to a closed 4×12. The mid control is to adjust sag. While the high the drop-off response. You can use it to complete your pedalboard and just use the cab sims or preamp into the input.

They also released some software that allows you to control wave form, cab settings and gate controls.

Last there’s a headphone jack that allows you to plug and play without bugging your housemates.

In my honest opinion it’s the easiest to use with most functionality pedal (in this genre) on the market.

All of the videos here are using the Iconoclast either as a amp replacement or as a cab replacement coming out of my amp head.